Our investment advisors will get to know you and identify your long-term objectives and needs – then, they will develop a personally tailored plan to help you achieve your goals. Individual, family and business issues are addressed to help you anticipate and prepare for significant financial events before they occur. Safeguarding your wealth, and planning long-range to maximize it, is at the heart of every service offered by Ferrell Wealth Management. We thoroughly analyze your unique needs and, just as thoroughly, research the investment and planning alternatives that will meet them, taking a disciplined, objective approach to helping you achieve your investment and financial planning goals.

Our financial advisors are highly skilled and committed to your ongoing success. Ferrell Wealth Management currently manages over $300,000,000 for individuals, trusts and estates. Using a holistic approach, recognizing the portfolio as one part of our client’s entire financial plan, we provide clients with a full range of investment advisory services including:

Client Focus

By focusing on a limited number of clients, we are able to provide truly personalized, comprehensive wealth management services. A limited clientele enables us to:

Client Centered Investing

We invest a significant amount of time getting to know our clients. Our goal is to build solid, long-term relationships that enable us to anticipate and respond to needs. The best way to accomplish this is to learn as much about each client’s unique situation as possible – then customize a plan to meet those needs. The focus is always on tax-efficient, customized portfolio construction unique to each client.

Disciplined Approach

We will not make investments based on impulse decisions.  All investment decisions are guided by our extensive experience, carefully researched investment options and the goals outlined in the IPS established for each client.

We manage our client portfolios in a manner that is aligned with their unique strategy and that encompasses the many facets of their life. Our team of carefully selected professionals will assure consistently top quality service. We not only provide an efficient team approach, but with our strategic alliances with professional organizations, we are able to offer each client the integrated, comprehensive investment services necessary to effectively manage their wealth.


Our goal is to provide wealth management services that exceed client expectations. We utilize modern portfolio theory (MPT) for building superior investment portfolios aligned with each client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. This methodology protects investor wealth from the perils of non-diversification while providing opportunities for growth across the various asset classes.

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